About our school

About our school

The Elementary School of Slavičín – Vlára is the school with 23 classes and and a motto of this school is– „The School for all“. This school is situated in a calm part of a housing estate called Vlára. There are ponds, park and some modern sites for sport near here.

General information

Our school complex consits of several buldings. The main building (5th -9th classes), school canteen , gym , school playground and wooden pavilion which is used for after school club. The 1st-4th classes are situated in the second separated school building. Our school is wheelchair accessible therefore is suitable for disadvantaged and handiccaped people. In July and August 2013 there was a complete reconstruction which was targeted on some energy saving and an embellishment of the building.

The main building of the school

In the main building there are 13 classrooms (5th – 9th classes) and many specialized classrooms for Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Music, Art, Pottery, or IT lessons too. In all these rooms we can find interactive boards, slide projectors or special equipments. There are school workroom, cinema room , visiting room and School Information Centre as well.

The second building – the first grade of the school

The second building of the school is used for the lower grades There are 10 rooms of the 1st -4th classes. In July and August 2014 there was a reconstruction as well. This school building has got also new and modern equipments and facilities. There are seven classrooms with interactive boards which are commonly used in various lessons. In April 2010 there was opened the Maternal Center, which is targeted on young families.

More information

For P.E lessons we have got a modern playground with an artificial surface. For Crafts lessons there is a special workroom and near the school there is a garden with a greenhouse, or an enviromental classroom.

As a matter of our educational priority is still a language and sports preparation and a development of informational, computer and reader´s literacy. Pupils start with English language in the 2nd class and with a German or Russian they usually start in the 7th class of the school. These two languages are optional. Elder children are supported in English Conversation, German and Russian language, Digital Technology, special Maths and Czech lessons and so on. The main goal of these lessons is a development of children´s skills and talent.

The first grade of basic school offers some optional subjects too. Pupils of the 4th and 5th classes can choose Maths, Art, Czech or Pottery lessons.